Houdini to Unreal Character Rig

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This is a basic character Rig for Unreal Engine. Based on the UE4 Mannequin retargeting should be straight forward in Unreal.

The Asset consists of:

• Hip File of the 3D character rig

• Houdini Digital Asset


Add your ow character mesh to the Houdini Projects "Geo" folder. (Character should be in A pose)

Import your mesh side of the Geo node "Proxy Character"

Select your character mesh and hit “Capture Geometry” from the Rigging shelf.

After Houdini has gone through the process of Skinning you character, it should be ready for Animation.

After your done Animating you character, you can export the character via Houdini FBX export option. Select your Character subnet and export.

++ Ideal if you want to learn to Rig and Animate Characters in Houdini for Unreal Engine ++


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Easy to retarget in Unreal Engine
Character Picker inside Hda
Bone Capture Biharmonic
50.2 MB
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Houdini to Unreal Character Rig

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I want this!